{Travel Theme} Sculpture

This weeks Travel Theme at Where’s my backpack is pretty cool. Here are some pics from San Diego exactly from Balboa Park. I recommend everybody who visits SD to go there. I used to go there almost every weekend and explore it with my camera. Every time I came back with tons of pictures.

Ania Archer Photography, Sculpture, Ania Archer Photography, Sculpture,

{Travel Theme} Pathways

The newest Travel Theme from Aisla at Where is my backpack are pathways. Here are 2 photos from my recent travels Enjoy!

Ania Archer Photography, Pathways, Travel Theme

Ania Archer Photography, Pathways, Travel Theme

{Travel Theme} Beaches

This weeks Travel Theme at where is my backpack are beaches. Since we just came back from our 6 months travel adventure I have some travel shots to share.

Ania Archer Photography, Travel Theme: Beaches

Cliffs, Gdynia, Poland

Ania Archer Photography, Travel Theme: Beaches

Beach Entrance, Sopot, Poland

Ania Archer Photography, Travel Theme: Beaches

San Simeon, California

Travel Theme: Pale

Us I seid in my post for weekly Photo CHallenge: Color and this weeks Travel Theme: Pale just go together.

Ania Archer Photography, Travel Theme



Have a great weekend!

Travel Theme: Time

Here is one of my pictures I took while visiting relatives in Paso Robles. I really love that it reminds me to slow down and just enjoy little things in my life. I thing this picture is perfect for this weeks travel theme at where is my backpack.

Ania Archer Photography, Time

Travel Theme: Bridges

This weeks Travel Theme at Where is my backpack is pretty cool! I took these pictures in 2007 in New York. It was my first visit in that incredible city. It is not my favorite city for sure but it made a big impression on me. I’ve been staying in Manhattan for almost a week and I felt so small and trapt. I felt like in cage that instead of bars there were buildings. I definitely cannot imagine myself living there.

To see the pictures in bigger size just click on the gallery.


Travel Theme: Walls

For this weeks Travel Theme, Alisa picked Walls. and I’m not going to hide that I love photographing walls.

Here are walls from Prague:

Ania Archer Photography, Stone Wall - Prague

Stone Wall - Prague 2

Travel Theme: Glass

This weeks travel theme at Where Is My Backpack is Glass. It reminded me about taking few shots in one of the stores in Old Town San Diego (collage 1) and it is perfect theme to show you pictures of stain-glass windows from St. Vitus Cathedra in Prague (collage 2.)

Ania Archer Photography, Glass

Ania Archer Photography, Stained - Glass Window,

Travel Theme: Mystical

For this weeks Travel Theme: Mystical I picked 2 old pictures I took in 2007 in Minnesota. The lake is called Lost Lake. This pictures was taken in the morning when the sun was coming up. It was gorgeous scene. I will remember forever.

Ania Archer Blog, Mist

Ania Archer Blog, Mist


I just wish the second picture was better quality 😦 I can’t do anything about that anymore.


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Travel Theme: Bright

I came across Ailsa’s blog: Where’s my backpack few weeks ago. She writes about her travel and other aspects of her life. She post Weekly Travel Themes. I  really like this week’s Bright. I have perfect photo for you. In my mind it is just a quintessence of being bright. This picture was taken at the Botanical Garden in Balboa Park, San Diego. My favorite place in San Diego.

Ania Archer Photography, Orchid