{Color Palette Love} Bright

This is my last color palette post on this blog. I’m creating another blog where I will share my digital scrapbooking  art and graphic design where I will share more color palettes. The name is Sunshine Inspired (for now it is not active). When I launch it I will let you know.

Today enjoy Las Vegas Sign color palette.
Ania Archer Blog, Color Palette Las Vegas

{Color Palette Love} Bromeliad

I love this plant. Its bright colors always make me happy.

Ania Archer, Color Palette

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{Color Palette Love} Taxi Cab

I was going through some of my pictures from my past travel and I found this Taxi cab from San Francisco. I really love the combination of yellows, blues, and greens. What do you think?

Ania Archer Photography, Color Palette

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{Color Palette Love} Sailing

This picture was taken years ago when I went sailing for the first time in my life. Before I went sailing I always thought I will love it, and I wasn’t wrong. I LOVE IT. It is such just such an amazing experience to be out on the water, breath fresh air, and just enjoy the view. I can’t wait my next sailing adventure.

Ania Archer Photography, Sailing


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{Color Palette Love} Parasols

I found this cool parasols hanging from the  ceiling in one of the hotels in Las Vegas.

Ania Archer Photography, Color Palette Parasols


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{Color Palette Love} Parrot

It is my 100th post. WOW! I have to celebrate it :).  I’m so proud of myself. I had slowed down for last few weeks but I’m still here. I’m unbelievably busy recently. Working 2 jobs and helping to build my husband’s business while getting ready for our 5,5 month trip to Europe is really time consuming. This month will be really busy but when September starts it should slow down. So I just can’t wait to have more time and share more stuff with you.

For today’s color palette I chose one of my favorite pictures. I have it printed out and hang on one of my walls. I love  how colorful it is and the angle and the composition of it. Hope you like it as well.

Ania Archer Photography

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{Color Palette Love} Lighthouse

When I saw this beautiful picture I fell in love with it. Author of this picture used HDR technique to get these vivid colors.

Ania Archer, Color Palette Love, Mike the Miller,

Photo by Mike the Miller

{Color Palette Love} Beautiful Tulip

I came across this beautiful picture few weeks ago browsing Flickr. Author of this picture Giovanna Baldini  has really good eye and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy her pictures.

Ania Archer, Color Palette Love,

Thank you Giovanna for letting use me your picture 🙂

{Color Palette Love} Being Green

Ania Archer, Color Palette: Grey, Green, Red, Brown,

Photo by Simon Belham found on National Geographic Photo Contest 2011.

{Color Palette Love} Colorful Door

Color Palette: Blue, Green, Red

Photo by mauriceinwestcliff