{Photo Journal} It’s summertime

It looks like I will have to take a summertime break from this blog to focus on my Sunshine Inspired Design and Happy Critter Photography. I will stop by here sporadically and share some of my pictures and I will continue my Summertime Project, btw you can always join me for the summertime project and share it with me and others.

Ania Archer Photography, Capri



{Photo Journal} In the Past

These an imitation of the inside of the typical Podhale cottage in The Tatra Museum in Zakopane, Poland. The furnishing of the interiors gives the visitor an insight into how a not too affluent local family lived in the 19th century.

Ania Archer Photography,

Ania Archer Photography,

Ania Archer Photography,

Ania Archer Photography,

Ania Archer Photography,

{Photo Journal} Sunrise

Ania Archer Photography, Sunrise

{Photo Journal} Rock

Ania Archer Photography, Rock

{Escape to…} Prague Part I

At the beginning of our 6 months European Adventure we (my husband and I) visited Prague. It is very beautiful and enchanting city. I’ve been in Prague couple of times and I really love this wonderful city. I recommend it to everyone who travels to Europe.

Enjoy the slideshow part 1 of 3. To see the pictures click on them and the slideshow will start. Enjoy.

{Photo Journal} San Francisco

Happy  Monday to everyone!

Ania Archer Photography, San Francisco

Ania Archer Photography, San Francisco

{Photo Journal} Castle

This castle is located in my hometown called Ciechanow. It is  Castle of the Mazovian Dukes from Xiv century.

It was so great to go back there last winter and get together with my family and friends as well as make new friendships. Past winter was incredibly long in Poland. Everyone was surprised with it. Now spring is in the air and summer will come really quick.

Ania Archer Photography, Castle