{Random Facts From My Life} Packing

On Monday we (me and my husband) are leaving to Europe for 5,5 month. I’m so excited and just can’t wait to jump on the plane and take the 20 hours or so flight to Prague, Czech Republic, where we start our adventure.

I started packing in my head about a week ago. I  always pack few days before leaving because I usually forget stuff if I pack up last minute. Realizing that I’m missing something when I reach my destination or on the way there always makes me feel frustrated. I packed hundreds time in my life but this time it was really hard for me to decide what I will really need and what is not necessity while we are traveling.

To make our trip easier we have decided we are packing only in carry-ons. Well easier said than done. Winter time in Poland (where we are going to spend most of our time in Europe,) is not so fun. As Wikipedia states: “Winters are rather cold, with average temperatures around 3 °C (37.4 °F) in the northwest and −6 °C (21 °F) in the northeast.” These are average temperatures which don’t really show how cold it gets on the coldest days. I’m really lucky that I left behind most of my winter clothes back at my mom’s home. Since I knew it doesn’t get that cold in California I felt pretty good about leaving it in there just in case, even though I swore I will never go back to Poland during winter. Never say never!

Here is what I’m packing into.

Ania Archer Blog, Packing

My favorite Levi’s, leather carry-on suitcase and my camera Lowepro backpack.

One sure thing is that before we get to my mom’s we will be in Prague for almost 5 days. It means that I won’t get my winter clothes until we get to Ciechanów, my hometown. Definitely, I have to take warm clothes with me for those few days, which will take away space I could use for my favorite clothes. At this point I don’t remember what exactly I have back at home. I brought back with me my every day clothes since I could wear them in here. I also donated some of my clothes when I was at home last year because I thought I will never need them anymore. I’m only sure that I left warm winter jacket and winter boots which is all I would need if I would go straight to my mom’s. But in this case I need both some warm clothes that will keep me warm for the first 5 days but also I need to bring some clothes for any possible situation.

I had to make some serious decisions. I know guys probably think I’m overreacting and that I need pair of jeans, few t-shirts, sweater or a jacket, and some workout clothes (if they work out). But it is not so easy for us girls. I need to bring with me a dress just incase some fancy party we might be invited. I already know that probably we will go for one of the New Years Eve parties, which are pretty fancy in Poland. I also need dressy clothes for the events/parties my mom is going to take us – I already marked 2 Christmas Parties on my calendar. I used to work at Club Atelier in Sopot where I love to spend time, as much as I love Atelier I love hanging out at Rock Cafe in Gdańsk. My friends still hang out at those 2 places so I definitely need some appropriate wear to fit in. Of course I will need work out clothes. So like you can see it is not so easy to decide what to take and fit it in a carry-on.

Ania Archer Blog, Packing

Here are most of my electronics. In addition to this I will have my point and shoot small camera, extra memory card, and some more cords that I didn’t include in this picture because those items where in use at that time.

It is time for clothes and other items.
Ania Archer Blog, Packing

Ania Archer Blog, Packing

Well it was definitely to much to fit in my suitcase so to make it happen I replaced my Nike running shoes for my Vibram Five Fingers – that are perfect for working out. I had to also put away in my closet one of warm sweaters, but I have one really warm one that I will have on me while traveling.

Ania Archer Blog, Packing

In summary I’m taking with me: 2 pairs of jeans (one of them I’m going to wear), 2 dresses, joga pants, 3 pair of shoes (ballerina shoes, five fingers, and boots – which I will probably leave behind in Prague – it is definitely time to get ride of these pair), 2 sweaters, 5 undershirts, 5 blouses, 4 belts (1 I’m going to wear), rain coat, black long sweater (I’m going to wear or carry it with me depending on the weather on Monday), and of course enough underwear and socks for first 7 days. I also packed up toiletries and some accessories. I think I did good. I still had enough room to pack up 2 books that I wanted to take with me.

Oh and I forgot that Sheepy is going with us as well. She has her new winter coat with a hoodie on and just waits to get on the plane.Ania Archer Blog, Sheepy

Oh that was a longer post than I expected when I started writing it. If you want to know more about my adventures, whereabouts and if you want to see more of my pictures follow me on facebook.