{Summertime Project} Week 7, Perfect Moment – Printable

Have a great weekend everybody!

Perfect moment, Ania Archer BLog, Sunshine Inspired Designs

{Summertime Project} Week 3, Printable Quote

For this weeks project I picked one of my favorite quotes about travel. Enjoy!

Ania Archer, Sunshine Inspired Design

To download this image just click on it.

{Inspire Me…} Flower

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{Fun Friday} Summertime Project: Week 1, Printable Download

Last summer I worked on my first Summertime Project. The theme was Dog Beach. Unfortunately I didn’t had a chance to share it with the online universe back then. Since the summer just kicked off I decided to share it, you can check it out on my Happy Critter Photography website.

For last few weeks I tried to come up with an idea for this years summertime project and I  finally got it. I hope you will like it. It hit me this morning while running – this is the reason why I love running. I always get some great ideas and inspiration while going for a run. For this summer I’m going to incorporate my graphic design skill to create one printable quote design a week.

Ania Archer Blog, Summertime Project Week 1

To download printable version just click on the image and save.

I encourage you to join me and start your own summertime project and share it with everybody. I will love to see your creative ideas, just share link to your post in the comments below.

{Inspire Me…} What others think…

I think this one is so true, and many people, including me, can’t stop thinking about what everyone else is thinking of them.

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{Inspire Me…} Pursuit of Happiness

Happy Sunday!

Ania Archer Blog, Pursuit of Happiness

Quote found at With an Open Heart

{Inspire Me…} Awesome Instead

I just love this!

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