Travel Theme: Bright

I came across Ailsa’s blog: Where’s my backpack few weeks ago. She writes about her travel and other aspects of her life. She post Weekly Travel Themes. I  really like this week’s Bright. I have perfect photo for you. In my mind it is just a quintessence of being bright. This picture was taken at the Botanical Garden in Balboa Park, San Diego. My favorite place in San Diego.

Ania Archer Photography, Orchid


{Photo Journal} Flower Time

Enjoy your day 🙂

Ania Archer Photography, Flower

{Color Palette Love} Beautiful Flower

This picture is stunning. Colors are amazing.

Ania Archer, Color Palette

Photo by Destin Ferdun

{Color Palette Love} Icelandic Poppy

Ania Archer, Color Palette

Photo by Rick Ligthelm.

Big thanks to Rick for letting me use his picture.

{Color Palette Love} Beautiful Tulip

I came across this beautiful picture few weeks ago browsing Flickr. Author of this picture Giovanna Baldini  has really good eye and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy her pictures.

Ania Archer, Color Palette Love,

Thank you Giovanna for letting use me your picture 🙂

{Color Palette Love} Pillow Inspired

Ania Archer, Color Palette, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow,

Pillows from Amy Butler Nature Inspired Collection. Picture found on

{Color Palette Love} Aurlia Blastula

Color Palette: Blue, Orange

Photo og cermaic art by Carol Gouthro found on Ceramics Now Magazine Website.

{Photo Journal} Drops and Tulips

{Color Palette Love} Flower Blues

Color Palette based on a flower, color palette in blues

Beautiful picture of a White Peony by Chris Lord

{Photo Journal} Sunflower

Copyrights: Ania Archer