{Color Palette Love} Color Palette Blog Walk: Achievement

For the last few months I’ve been following Brandi Girl’s Blog. Some time ago she started a Color Palette Blog Walk. This is my first time participating in it. The theme for todays palettes is Achievement. Pictures I chose for today are the ones that I love the most. I’m so proud of them. My whole life I’ve loved photography and wanted to spread my wings in it. All the pictures here were the first ones I took that made me proud about what I have accomplished and created.

Color Palette Blog Walk

Ania Archer, Color Palette 1


Achievement: I really love the colors of this succulent. The brightness makes me so happy.

Ania Archer, Color Palette 2


Achievement: I love close up photography. I noticed this colorful figurine in one of the stores in Old Town of San Diego. And even though hard lighting and unfriendly for photography set up – I was able to capture its funkiness and create really good composition.

Ania Archer, Color Palette 3


Achievement: Colors and composition.

Ania Archer, Color Palette 4


Achievement: This picture was taken on the day when my husband proposed to me. This was his favorite puppy from my friends dog litter, her name was Lily. It was just after I got my dSLR and I had no idea what I was doing.

Ania Archer, Color Palette 5


Achievement: It was one of my first pictures taken with my old camera (not dSLR) many years ago in my fathers garden. It is one of those pictures which confirmed my love for photography. I spent whole day taking pictures in the garden trying the camera out. The idea of composition and the colors are what makes me proud of this picture.

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