{Random Facts From My Life…} New Projects and Art and Money Guide Review

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a new project! Well I work on new projects all the time. If you ask why is that? I will tell you. For the last year I’ve been trying to figure out what I love to do and at the same time allows me to be location independent. My husband and I love traveling and it is our plan for next few years to travel and work all across the world. It is not easy for someone like me, who has so many ideas and would love to do everything I enjoy. Unfortunately, it is imposible, at least  not until I learn how to do all at the same time. And for now I should start step by step, one project at a time. To do so  I’m going to put in use my last years Christmas gift.
For Christmas my husband bought me the Unconventional Guide to Art and Money Thriving as an artist without selling out by Chris Guillebeau. This e-book is a great source of amazing information about how to start and how to make your art business much better. It  tells you step by step what to do, where to start and where to move on very clearly and explanatory.  You will learn the strategy to start your business and all the tactics you have to put into life to create your business. This guide also contains interviews with artists who made their art business work for them. It is a great guide not only for people who struggle with internet and with social media, but also it is an amazing resource of information about branding, marketing, and pricing. I recommend it to everyone who wants to start their online art business but doesn’t know what to do and how to do it.
Enjoy your weekend!


Unconventional Guide to Art and Money