{Travel Theme} Sculpture

This weeks Travel Theme at Where’s my backpack is pretty cool. Here are some pics from San Diego exactly from Balboa Park. I recommend everybody who visits SD to go there. I used to go there almost every weekend and explore it with my camera. Every time I came back with tons of pictures.

Ania Archer Photography, Sculpture, Ania Archer Photography, Sculpture,

{Photo Journal} Sheepy, Missing San Diego

We are in Poland for almost 4,5 months now and I can’t pretend that I don’t miss San Diego.

Ania Archer Photography, Sheepy

Travel Theme: Pale

Us I seid in my post for weekly Photo CHallenge: Color and this weeks Travel Theme: Pale just go together.

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Have a great weekend!

{Fun Friday} Diptic

Last week I shared with you an app called Part. Today I want to tell you about my favorite iPhone/iPad app to create collages called Diptic. These are some of my collages.

Ania Archer Photography, Hummingbird Diptic


Ania Archer Photography - Black and White Bird Collection, Diptic

Diptic has about 165 layouts with customizable frame/border dimensions  curvature,  colors and texture. It allows you to apply filters, add text and tweak brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.

Ania Archer Photography, Flowers Diptic


Ania Archer Photography, Free Flight

The cool thing is that you can save it or share it via email or by posting directly to InstagramFacebookFlickr, TwitterTumblr or any app that supports jpegs.

IMG_0169 copy

{Color Palette Love} Sunflower

Last two days, is so sunny in here (Poland). Weather change so drastically, you can feel spring in the air. It is sunny, overcast sky is replaced with beautiful shade of blue. It just makes me so happy. Here is my sunny color palette for today.

Ania Archer Photography, Sunflower, Color Palette

{Inspire Me…} To Travel

I decided to use this quote because I’m traveling right now from Prague to Warsaw. I think this describes perfectly my time in Prague.

Ania Archer Blog, Travel Quote

Source: Afar

{Inspire Me} Confidance

Ania Archer Blog, Quote

I hope some day (some day soon) this quote affect my thinking.In last year with my dad passing away, being far away from my family and friends I lost my confidence, enthusiasm, and happiness.  I find myself comparing and wishing to be as good as someone else. I know who I am, I am just lost at this moment. I’m looking for cure. Magic cure that one day will bring joy into my life. I know time heals all wounds, but how long will it take? I’m repeating these quote to myself for weeks now hoping one day I will see beauty of our world again.

Great post on how to shoot hummingbirds. I will definitely use these techniques when shooting these little flying critters.

the eff stop

Last week I posted some experiments from a photo challenge where the aim was to shoot your DSLR like it was a film challenge, limiting options and processing simply – no image stabilization, set a single ISO setting – bare bones. I learned some things by minimizing the technology and decided to apply some things to my regular shooting process while utilizing all the features of my DSLR.

Here are some things I was forced to try when I limited my camera’s functionality that can I apply to my everyday shooting:

1. Get close. Hummers at a feeder could care less about you. They may chirp a bit, but if you position yourself close to the feeders before they approach, they will come anyway – food is more important than you. I was actually standing on a step stool a few feet from a couple of the feeders for these shots.

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{Fun Friday} Jesse the Jack Russell

When I first time saw video of this little guy I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m following his YouTube channel for over a year now. Every time something new is posted it surprises me and makes me smile. I think he is the smartest puppy ever. I know how much time dog training requires and I admire his owner for doing such an amazing job. If you want to see what Jesse is up to – head over to his blog: Just Jesse.

Useful Dog Tricks by Jesse.

When I saw this beautiful picture I had to share it with you. I think it is one of the most gorgeous animal portraits I’ve seen. I just love it!