{Photo Journal} Adopt Me Sachse Animal Shelter

Last weekend I have spent hours photographing wonderful animals available for adoption at Sachse Animal Shelter. I fell in love with all of them. They are all adorable and so sweet. It is just heartbreaking seeing them in the shelter hoping for a new home. I hope our photo project will help them find loving homes.

Ania Archer, Happy Critter Photography, Adopt PetAnia Archer, Happy Critter Photography, Adopt Pet Ania Archer, Happy Critter Photography, Adopt Pet Sunshine Inspired Designs, Ania Archer, Adopt Me Badge

{Fun Friday} Happy Critter Model Call

I’m looking for Models in Sachse, Texas area if you know anyone who would love to have some shots of they happy critters taken just send them my way. For more details head on to happycritterphotography.com

Happy Critter Model Call

{Photo Journal} Sam

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

Ania Archer Photography, Sam

Sam was one of my clients at Happy Critter. It was very interesting experience.

Ania Archer Photography, Sam

Ania Archer Photography, Sam

{Fun Friday} Milo

Do you remember Milo? His mama sent me a couple of links to his videos. He is so smart and you might be impressed with his tricks. Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Critter Photography by Ania Archer, Milo

{Random Facts from My Life} Business Card

Few weeks ago I shared with you my new website Happy Critter Photography. I finally decided on the final look of my business card. How do you like it?

Happy Critter Photography, Business Card

Design by Ania Archer

{Photo Journal} Milo

Meet Milo, He is very cute tea cup piggy my friends got some time ago. He has his own facebook page if you want to know something more about Milosz the Olympig!

Ania Archer Photography, Tea Cup Pig

My friends may say that I’m crazy about miniature/tea cup critters. In my defense I can only say that they are freaking cute! Recently I discovered that in addition to all the standard miniature breeds of animals there are miniature sheep, pigmy goats and miniature chickens. I even joked once that I would love to have a miniature farm one day. To be honest that joke became something I would really like to have. It just screams cuteness. What do you think?

Happy Critter Photography Website is Up!

I finally got to finishing up my pet photography website. With all the things going on in here it took me a while, but I’m happy that it is ready and when I come back to the States I have it to share with my future clients. I would love to hear what do you think about my new site: Happy Critter Photography.

Happy Critter Photography by Ania Archer, Pet Photography

{Fun Friday} Part

I cannot tell you how much I love my iPad. I have so much fun with it. One of my favorite things on the iPad is to edit my photos in different kind of apps. Today I thought I will share with you an app called Part. Here is a couple of photos I edited in this app.

Ania Archer Photography, PartAnia Archer Photography, Part

{Photo Journal} Eye

This is my new banner for my new store 🙂 at Zazzle.com How do you like it?


Ania Archer Photography, Macaw

{Photo Journal} Blue and Gold Macaw

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to Free Flight – Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Del Mar. It is a great place where you can learn about all the beautiful flying creatures. The best part is that you can interact with the birds – touch them, feed them, and etc. We spent there about 4 hours enjoying company of all the majestic birds. Here is one of hundreds pictures I took that day.

Ania Archer Photography, Happy Critter Photography