{Summertime Project} Week 5, Home is where the Dog is, Printable

This week I have doggy inspired printable.

Ania Archer Blog, Summertime Project

To download this printable just click on the picture and save it.

{Photo Journal} It’s summertime

It looks like I will have to take a summertime break from this blog to focus on my Sunshine Inspired Design and Happy Critter Photography. I will stop by here sporadically and share some of my pictures and I will continue my Summertime Project, btw you can always join me for the summertime project and share it with me and others.

Ania Archer Photography, Capri


{Summertime Project} Week 4, Printable Thank You Card

This week I have for you Printable Thank You Card. Hope you like it.

Thank You Card, Sunshine Inspired Designs, Ania Archer

{Photo Journal} In the Past

These an imitation of the inside of the typical Podhale cottage in The Tatra Museum in Zakopane, Poland. The furnishing of the interiors gives the visitor an insight into how a not too affluent local family lived in the 19th century.

Ania Archer Photography,

Ania Archer Photography,

Ania Archer Photography,

Ania Archer Photography,

Ania Archer Photography,

{Summertime Project} Week 3, Printable Quote

For this weeks project I picked one of my favorite quotes about travel. Enjoy!

Ania Archer, Sunshine Inspired Design

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{Random Facts from My Live} Sunshine Inspired Designs

It looks like I’m going to have very busy 3 weeks. I work on my new graphic design project. You have seen some of my creations and I live doing it. I want to use this skill and I’m creating my new business Sunshine Inspired Designs. It looks like that I have tight schedule to make this happen. By the end of this month I have to have my website build, my online store and services build. At this point it means I will be doing lots of creative work for next 3 weeks. Wish me good luck! Let me know how you like my logo. Ania Archer, Sunshine Inspired Designs

{Photo Journal} Adopt Me Sachse Animal Shelter

Last weekend I have spent hours photographing wonderful animals available for adoption at Sachse Animal Shelter. I fell in love with all of them. They are all adorable and so sweet. It is just heartbreaking seeing them in the shelter hoping for a new home. I hope our photo project will help them find loving homes.

Ania Archer, Happy Critter Photography, Adopt PetAnia Archer, Happy Critter Photography, Adopt Pet Ania Archer, Happy Critter Photography, Adopt Pet Sunshine Inspired Designs, Ania Archer, Adopt Me Badge

{Photo Journal} Sunrise

Ania Archer Photography, Sunrise

{Fun Friday} Happy Critter Model Call

I’m looking for Models in Sachse, Texas area if you know anyone who would love to have some shots of they happy critters taken just send them my way. For more details head on to happycritterphotography.com

Happy Critter Model Call