{Weekly Photo Challenge} Companionable

Some of you met my companion. This weeks photo challenge gives me excuse to share some of the pictures I took while traveling with Sheepy. She is my travel buddy and she goes almost everywhere when we travel.

Ania Archer Photography,  Sheepy

Ania Archer Photography,  Sheepy Italia

Ania Archer Photography,  Sheepy LV

Ania Archer Photography,  Sheepy Paso

Ania Archer Photography,  Sheepy Polska

19 thoughts on “{Weekly Photo Challenge} Companionable

  1. Marie says:

    The first image sure made me laugh! Thanks…

  2. Madelaine says:

    These are fabulous!

  3. mightwar says:

    I like the way that you have structured the photos as postcards. It really adds to the fun. Sheepy is so lucky to have travelled to so many different places.

    • Ania A. says:

      Thank you, oh and yes Sheepy is a lucky girl. She has seen so much and I don’t see will stop traveling any time soon. She got the travel bug 😉

  4. Reminds me of the movie Amelie. 😉

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