Apple’s Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts (Part 1)

Recently I went trough pretty good Apple’s Aperture online training but I found few things missing. I know that I would love to have some of the information nicely put together and easily accesible. I tried to learn Aperture from its manual, unfortunately I discovered that it is written very unclearly and it is very messy. Unlike to Photoshop there is much less websites with basics of  Apple’s Aperture (I will share these websites with you in a near future). I thought that since I’m putting some cheat sheets together for myself why not to share them with those who use Aperture.

I believe that using shortcuts is the best way to work in post – processing/graphic design programs. It definitely makes my work more efficient and it allows me to focus on my creative vision.

Today I’m going to focus on Aperture’s most useful keyboard shortcuts in the main window. In the part 2 I will share key shortcuts I use while editing my pictures. In Part 3 I will share stacking and rating key shortcuts. Part 3 will  also include a pdf file with all the shortcuts for you to download.

Ania Archer Blog, Apple's Aperture

A. Inspector Panel (includes; Library Inspector, Metadata Inspector, Adjustment Inspector), B.Tool Bar, C. Viewer, D. Tool Strip, E. Browser,

Ania Archer Blog, Aperture Key shortcuts 1

Ania Archer Blog, Aperture Key shortcuts 2

Ania Archer Blog, Aperture Key shortcuts 3


One thought on “Apple’s Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts (Part 1)

  1. Gracie says:

    I don’t use Aperture, but I am sure this is very helpful for those that do. You’ve written it very well 🙂

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