{Photo Journal} Rat Pack

My favorite pet rodents are rats. I know that for many people they are just gross. In my lifetime I had about 5 different rats and one day I will share their pictures with you. But today I wanted to share with you my rat pack which was a gift from my husband after I whine  that I want rat again. My husband being loving man always makes my dreams come true. Here are Girly (White), Splinter (Grey), and  Ratsie (Black).


Ania Archer Photography, Rat Pack

Ania Archer Photography, Rat Pack

{Photo Journal} Sunrise

Here is a collage made in Diptic, from pictures of a sunrise in a backyard of a house I used to live.  I loved to wake up to this view. Ania Archer Photography, Sunrise

{Photo Journal} Black Sheep

Here is another sheep photo. Well It just confirms how much I love sheep. Enjoy!

Ania Archer Photography, Black Sheep

{Photo Journal} Macaw

For some reason I love grunge look. I hope you like this post editing effect.Ania Archer Photography, Macaw

{Photo Journal} Sheepy, Missing San Diego

We are in Poland for almost 4,5 months now and I can’t pretend that I don’t miss San Diego.

Ania Archer Photography, Sheepy

Apple’s Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts (Part 3)

This is last of my three posts about Aperture’s key shortcuts. In todays post I will share key shortcuts for stacking and rating images which are very neat features in Aperture.

Ania Archer Blog, Aperture Key shortcuts 6

Ania Archer Blog, Aperture Key shortcuts 7

If you missed any of the previews posts just click on Part 1 (Inspector Panel, Library Inspector, Toolbar, Browser, Viewer,) or Part 2 (Adjustment Inspector and Adjustment Tools, Preview, Version Controls, Exporting, Comparison Controls).

Click on this link: Most Usefule Apple’s Aperture Key Shortcuts to download pdf file with all the key shortcuts.

{Photo Journal} White Sheep

I got a set of four sheep from one of my brides as a thank you gift. I think it was the best gift she could think of. As you can see this little guys are very patient and cooperative critters.

Ania Archer Photography, White Sheep

Apple’s Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts (Part 2)

Here is promised by me part 2 of Apple’s Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts. If you missed part 1 you can check it out here. Today I will focus on shortcuts I use while editing my pictures. Since I started working with them my editing process became much shorter and definitely more efficient.

Ania Archer Blog, Apple's Aperture Key shortcuts 4

Ania Archer Blog, Apple's Aperture Key shortcuts 5

I’ll post part 3 on Wednesday. Part 3 will  also include a pdf file with all the shortcuts for you to download.

Travel Theme: Pale

Us I seid in my post for weekly Photo CHallenge: Color and this weeks Travel Theme: Pale just go together.

Ania Archer Photography, Travel Theme



Have a great weekend!