{Charmed by…} Chalk

When I came across this picture/poster I couldn’t resist to share it. While inspired by this beautiful chalk board I researched more amazing pictures and became charmed by chalk. Enjoy!

Ania Archer Blog, Dust by LindsayHenry

Source: Dust by Lindsay Henry via The Say Something Poster Project.

Ania Archer Blog, Photo by Christopher RichChalk by Christopher Rich.

Ania Archer Blog, Photo by Periegese

Photo by Periegese.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk1. Palette of Chalk by Marlene Koslowsky, 2. Chalk by frumbert, 3. Chalks by Christina Prendergast, 4. Chalk by Angie Wang, 5. Chalk by Dick Waren.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk BoardSource: Chalk Board via The Mambi Blog.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk 1. Chalk by Mr. Snacks, 2. Chalk by toriortolani, 3. Chalk by
Michael Broughton.

Ania Archer Blog, ChalkSource: jenniferosever via LetterMidst.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk by PrintpresfmtSource: Print Press by Flea Market Trixie (Printpressfmt) at Etsy.com

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk1. Chalk by Thom@s, 2. chalk-O-late by Jackn888, 3. Chalk for Charity by Karolien Platteau, 4. Chalk by Greg Gibb.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk by Longfellowdesigns

Source: Longfellowdesigns at Etsy.com.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk

Photo by Greg Berdan.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk by Abigail Thompson

Chalk by Abigail Thompson Photography.

Ania Archer Blog, ChalkPhotos by Elaine Mesker-Garcia: 1. Sight Seeing, 2. Greaser on Pink Chalk, 3. Laundry Day, 4. Taking a Break Amongst the Chalk, 5. Kiss Among the Rubble.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk by Dear MusketeerCross the Ocean by Dear Musketeer.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk by Himadhu Kottege

Photo by Himadhu Kottege.

Ania Archer Blog, Chalk by Molly JacquesEinstein by Molly Jacques Illustration & Design.

Ania Archer Blog, ChalkScreen Shot 2012-12-05 at 12.00.54 AM           .


Dirty Chalks by Giorgio Verdiani

                                                                                                                                 Sidewalk Chalk by Jenni from the block

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4 thoughts on “{Charmed by…} Chalk

  1. I love this as I went back to school in my head….old memories of the good old days of chalk and all the various bright colors:) So pretty:)

  2. Thom@s says:

    excellent gallery with stunning pics! thanks for adding one of mine! have a nice weekend!

  3. mamapeter says:

    This is a wonderful page full of beautiful photos. Very well put together, and definitely inspiring!

  4. […] who have seen my chalk inspiran from last week shouldn’t be surprised that I share this as a Fun Friday post. I came across […]

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