{Random Facts From My Life} Time to say Goodbye and Hello

I’m catching up with everything today. On Wednesday was my last day at my both jobs: Wedding Planning and Dog Walking. It was time to say goodbye to everyone and move out from San Diego before our big 6 months long European trip. We are staying in Woodland Hills for now till the November 26th when we are flying to Europe, to be more specific to Prague, Czech Republic.  After few days of exploring this beautiful city we will head out to Poland to my homeland.

It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone. To all my friends I made over last 2,5 years living in San Diego. Everyone is so special to me. It was also so hard to say goodbye to all my puppy clients who helped me a lot to get through the hardest time of my life and didn’t even knew about it. Animals are so therapeutic. All of them were playful and so loving (I think I will have to create post and introduce all the special critters).

Last 2 days I spent unpacking and storing our belongings as well as getting ready for our road trip. I’m so glad that we love to be minimalistic and don’t have that much.

The picture below was taken from our window in the house we are staying for now. I definitely can’t complain about view. Beautiful sunsets everyday. I’m loving it.

Ania Archer Photography, Sunset

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5 thoughts on “{Random Facts From My Life} Time to say Goodbye and Hello

  1. Doreen Younghusband says:

    Have fun and be safe.
    Love you both and will miss you, See you next year : )
    Love Mom

  2. good luck, and say “hello” to Poland from me.!

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