{Random Facts From My Life} Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too, I think of you in silence, i often speak your name. All I have memories and a picture in a frame, your memory is a keepsake, from which i’ll never part.

Ania Archer Blog, Dad


Today would be my dad’s birthday and I would call him and wished him “WSZYSTKIEGO NAJLESZEGO” (Happy birthday). He is gone now and I miss him a lot. I think about him every day and wish to see him, or talk to him again.  He passed away so unexpectedly over a year ago since then I’m trying to get myself together – not easy. I came across this quote above so many times that I just had to use it in this post.

{Photo Journal} Blue and Gold Macaw

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to Free Flight – Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Del Mar. It is a great place where you can learn about all the beautiful flying creatures. The best part is that you can interact with the birds – touch them, feed them, and etc. We spent there about 4 hours enjoying company of all the majestic birds. Here is one of hundreds pictures I took that day.

Ania Archer Photography, Happy Critter Photography

{Inspire Me} Confidance

Ania Archer Blog, Quote

I hope some day (some day soon) this quote affect my thinking.In last year with my dad passing away, being far away from my family and friends I lost my confidence, enthusiasm, and happiness.  I find myself comparing and wishing to be as good as someone else. I know who I am, I am just lost at this moment. I’m looking for cure. Magic cure that one day will bring joy into my life. I know time heals all wounds, but how long will it take? I’m repeating these quote to myself for weeks now hoping one day I will see beauty of our world again.

{Fun Friday} Cutness

Who doesn’t love cute stuff? Well, I do! I found this collection of pictures on Flickr.com. All pictures were taken by Alicia Ashabraner “thatlunagirl”. Enjoy.

Ania Archer Blog, Thatlunagirl

Ania Archer Blog, Thatlunagirl

Ania Archer Blog, Thatlunagirl

Ania Archer Blog, Thatlunagirl

Ania Archer Blog, Thatlunagirl


Have a great weekend.

{Photo Journal} Aran Islands, Ireland

This is my favorite caption from my travels around Ireland. It was taken on Aran Island. Ireland is such a beautiful country.

Ania Archer Photography, Ireland


For all you who are wondering where Aran Islands are, here is a map:

Ania Archer, Aran Islands

{Color Palette Love} Bromeliad

I love this plant. Its bright colors always make me happy.

Ania Archer, Color Palette

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{Inspire Me} The Best

Ania Archer Blog, The best is yet to come

Tired, Overwhelmed, and Burned Out – this is how I feel at this moment. But I know it is all for the better and THE BEST IS STILL YET TO COME. We are geting ready for a 5,5 month trip to Europe, my husband is working on his new business, I’m working my both jobs, learning photography and post processing, and taking care of the usual daily stuff – it looks like there aren’t enough hours in the day. I just say to myself it is only 2 months more and our lifetime adventure will start. It is worth to go through these because at the end it will be an amazing step into our next stage of our lives.

Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

{Photo Journal} Flower Time

Enjoy your day 🙂

Ania Archer Photography, Flower

{Color Palette Love} Taxi Cab

I was going through some of my pictures from my past travel and I found this Taxi cab from San Francisco. I really love the combination of yellows, blues, and greens. What do you think?

Ania Archer Photography, Color Palette

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{Photo Journal} Kernville

Here are some shots from our visit in Kernville, CA. We had so much fun visiting family out there.

Ania Archer Photography, Kernville

Ania Archer Photography, Kernville

Ania Archer Photography, Kernville

Ania Archer Photography, Kernville

Ania Archer Photography, Kernville

Ania Archer Photography, Kernville

Here is my favorite

Ania Archer Photography, Kernville