{Saturday thoughts} Where do you look for inspiration?

I’m in need of inspiration. I’m not saying that I have an artist block, because that is not the case. I get inspired tons of times during the day; while listening to the radio or reading something online. When I walk puppies or when I find myself in a new cool place. The only problem is that one moment is my inspiration. Few minutes later it is gone. Most of the time I’m driving, walking, reading or do something else  when it happens and I can’ write it down or  make any type of a note for myself to look into later. Being as busy as I’m right now with 2 jobs, getting ready for our half a year or longer trip, getting better at photography and working at my happy critter project takes so much time and so many thoughts are coming through my mind that my inspirations get lost. I hate it! But what’s the most frustrating is that when I finally find time to be creative and work on my art/ideas my mind is blank. It needs break, it just shuts off. Doesn’t matter how hard I try to focus on it, it is not there. I can’t wait when I will finally have time to breath the air of my creativity.

Where do you find inspiration when you need it?

Ania Archer Blog

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