{Photo Journal} Fall

Ania Archer Photography, Fall

{Color Palette Love} Sailing

This picture was taken years ago when I went sailing for the first time in my life. Before I went sailing I always thought I will love it, and I wasn’t wrong. I LOVE IT. It is such just such an amazing experience to be out on the water, breath fresh air, and just enjoy the view. I can’t wait my next sailing adventure.

Ania Archer Photography, Sailing


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Great post on how to shoot hummingbirds. I will definitely use these techniques when shooting these little flying critters.

the eff stop

Last week I posted some experiments from a photo challenge where the aim was to shoot your DSLR like it was a film challenge, limiting options and processing simply – no image stabilization, set a single ISO setting – bare bones. I learned some things by minimizing the technology and decided to apply some things to my regular shooting process while utilizing all the features of my DSLR.

Here are some things I was forced to try when I limited my camera’s functionality that can I apply to my everyday shooting:

1. Get close. Hummers at a feeder could care less about you. They may chirp a bit, but if you position yourself close to the feeders before they approach, they will come anyway – food is more important than you. I was actually standing on a step stool a few feet from a couple of the feeders for these shots.

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{Saturday thoughts} Where do you look for inspiration?

I’m in need of inspiration. I’m not saying that I have an artist block, because that is not the case. I get inspired tons of times during the day; while listening to the radio or reading something online. When I walk puppies or when I find myself in a new cool place. The only problem is that one moment is my inspiration. Few minutes later it is gone. Most of the time I’m driving, walking, reading or do something else  when it happens and I can’ write it down or  make any type of a note for myself to look into later. Being as busy as I’m right now with 2 jobs, getting ready for our half a year or longer trip, getting better at photography and working at my happy critter project takes so much time and so many thoughts are coming through my mind that my inspirations get lost. I hate it! But what’s the most frustrating is that when I finally find time to be creative and work on my art/ideas my mind is blank. It needs break, it just shuts off. Doesn’t matter how hard I try to focus on it, it is not there. I can’t wait when I will finally have time to breath the air of my creativity.

Where do you find inspiration when you need it?

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{Photo Journal} Butterfly

Few weeks ago David from iPhone Photographer and Shanon from Seeing Spots Photography announced Mini Challenge that I think was pretty cool. I followed all the instructions in their challenge and here is one of my submitted pictures. I really love the colors I received after few adjustments in Aperture, which I just got and I’m still learning it. To see full gallery of this mini challenge check out David‘s blog.

Ania Archer Photography, Butterfly

Both Shanon and David have great blogs, that I enjoy reading and I always find something interesting. If you are looking for cool iphone photo editing apps check out David’s blog where he reviews them. Thanks of him my ipad is full of cool editing apps that I just have to start playing with.

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{Color Palette Love} Buildings

When I stayed in Miami South Beach in 2007 I came across these two buildings.  They grab my attention right away.  How do you like it?

Ania Archer Photography, Buidings

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{Inspire Me…} Friends…

I love these 2 quotes. I can relate to them so much. Being far from home and my friends make me think about them and miss them a lot, but I know that they are there and when I go back I will see them and it will be like I have never left.

Ania Archer Blog, Friends Quotes


Ania Archer Blog, Friends Quotes


{Fun Friday} Jesse the Jack Russell

When I first time saw video of this little guy I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m following his YouTube channel for over a year now. Every time something new is posted it surprises me and makes me smile. I think he is the smartest puppy ever. I know how much time dog training requires and I admire his owner for doing such an amazing job. If you want to see what Jesse is up to – head over to his blog: Just Jesse.

Useful Dog Tricks by Jesse.

{Photo Journal} Underwater

Ania Archer Photography, Underwater

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