{Inspire Me} Good Things…

Ania Archer, Inspire MeSource: I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

{Photo Journal} Cheetah

Here is one more Kitty Cat from my trip to one of Polish Zoos. How do you like this guy?

Ania Archer Photography, Cheetah

{Color Palette Love} Candy Collection

One of my favorite websites is Design Seeds. I love checking put new color palettes. It always inspires me to create new projects with new color sets. Unfortunately, I was busy for last couple of months so I didn’t have much time to work on my own color palettes. IN addition to that I made a switch to Mac computer and when one day I found time and wanted to work on my next palette I realized that the software I used to create the look of my color palettes is not working on mac. And that means I will have to design new look which means new project. Wow, sometimes I think I have to many projects! So for now I thought I will share with you these color palettes I call: candy collection.

1. Bowled Brights

BowledBrights, Design Seeds, Ania Archer Blog

2. Candied Hues

CandiedHues, Design Seeds, Ania Archer Blog

3. Citrus Brights

CitrusedBrights505, Design Seeds, Ania Archer Blog

4. Color Sweets

ColorSweets, Design Seeds, Ania Archer Blog

5. Gumdrop Good

GumdropGood, Design Seeds, Ania Archer Blog

6. Sugared Neon – this one is my favorite!

SugaredNeon510, Design Seeds, Ania Archer Blog

7. Sugared Spectrum

SugaredSpectrum500, Design Seeds, Ania Archer Blog

If you want to see more of my favorite color palettes follow my world of color board on Pintrest.

{Photo Journal} Succulent

I got for my birthday extension tubes. It was my birthday present. I had so much fun trying them out. Here is one of the pictures I took.

Ania Archer Photography, Succulent

It is a cute little succulent that I keep on my kitchen/dinning area window with all the other items I love looking at while taking a break from work. I don’t have actual working space and  I’m ussualy work from my couch or at the dinning table. I’ve read somewhere that if your working space is inviting and makes you feel happy you become more creative and productive and this is the direction I went for with my kitchen window decor since i don’t really have a view.  I Hoep you like it. What do you keep on your kitchen window/working space?

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{Color Crazy} Green

Today I will share some insides about the color green because it is everywhere! This time of the year this color surrounds us and can be found in every aspect of our lives.  Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than most colors. We are able to discern the most shades of that color.

Ania Archer, Color Crazy: Green

Photos by: Left: Ania Archer, bottom down left: TJ

The color green is omnipresent in our lives and nature.  We can recognize an abundance shades of green. Here are just some of them: apple, aquamarine, beryl, chartreuse, fir, forest, grass green, jade, kelly green, lawn green, leaf green, mint, moss, olive, olive drab, pea green, pine, sage, sap, sea foam, spring green, and viridian. My favorite are emerald, lime, and sea green.

Ania Archer, Color Crazy: Green

All 4 photos by Ania Archer

Ania Archer, Color Crazy: Green

Photos by: Top: Green Eye by Simon Shmidt, Bottom: Left: Green Iguana by Arlene Ripley, Right: Green Iguana Hatchling by Alan Dahl  

Green symbolizes growth, freshness, environment, and ecology. It denotes fertility, endurance, renewal, and learning. It is believed by many that green has healing powers. Green’s warming and cooling effect signify balance, harmony and stability. Worldwide green represents safety. Green is considered the color of peace and hope.

Ania Archer, Color Crazy: Green

Photos by: Top Left: Green Tea Cake by Shirley Ednave, Right: Found by Leslie from Whimsy Blog, Bottom Left: Green Buttons by Judy, Bottom Right Top: The Magic Glass by Jody Miller, Bottom Right Corner: Green by Lois.

It is a restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue. Like blue, time moves faster in a green room. Green soothes and relaxes mentally, as well as physically. It helps alleviate depression, nervousness, and anxiety. Dull dark green is associated with money,  the financial world, banking, and Wall Street. Green gemstones are used by many to attract money, prosperity and wealth.

Ania Archer, Color Crazy: Green

Dark green signifies ambition, inexperience, greed, and jealousy. Green and feng shui. Green is the color of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings.

Ania Archer, Color Crazy: Green

Photos by: Top: Green Machine by Gillian , Bottom: Green Split Screen by Steve Collins Photography

Ania Archer, Color Crazy: Green

Photos by: Left: Green Doors by Marie Therese Magnan, Right: Green Door: Ania Archer

In the feng shui theory if five elements, color green obviously belongs to the wood element. When working with green color in feng shui, it is important to have at least several different shades in order to maximize the feng shui energy effects. A great way to bring color green in feng shui is with actual plants that have lush green foliage. Green plants bring soothing element to your surrounding, they visually recede, helping to make smaller space appear larger.

Ania Archer, Color Crazy: Green

Photo by Carl Jones

Ania Archer, Green Quotes

{Inspire Me} Keep your mind open…

Ania Archer Inspire Me

Source: I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

{Photo Journal} Beautiful Peacock

I came across this beautiful bird on one of my zoo adventures at Poland. On a cold winter day my friend and I decided to go to a Zoo in Plock. It is probably one hour away drive from my hometown if I remember it right. I love zoos. For animal lover like me, it is perfect place to experience encounter with exotic animals. Zoos have great educational programs for youngster, which allow them to learn more about many beautiful critters from around the world. Zoos are my favorite places to go.

Ania Archer, AA Photography, Happy Critter Photography

Ania Archer, AA Photography, Happy Critter Photography,

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