{Random Facts From My Life} New Project: Happy Critter Photography

I have a new project! Sometimes I think I have to many projects at one time and things are getting overwhelming. With all the staff happening in our busy life I’m taking this one slow. Step by step.

How do you like this name: Happy Critter Photography – Pet Photography by Ania Archer. At this point I have to decide if I want to use tumblr or wordpress as my new blog for Happy Critter. I already know wordpress and enjoy it.  Unfortunately, I can’t find theme I like as much as the one I’m using for this blog. I don’t want to invest lots of money in a website or blog that is not ment to bring me money at least not at this moment. I want it to be easy and fun. The place where I will share my pet photography. I just started looking into tumblr and I found a theme I really like, and now I just have to find time to customize it. As soon as I made my decision and finish working on it I will share it with you.

Anyone used tumblr and has some advice for me?

I’m working on my logo and watermark. I have it designed and the only thing I have to create it in Photoshop.  Hopefully I will have time to get to it soon.

Meet my first puppy client Dexter:

Ania Archer, AA Photography

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2 thoughts on “{Random Facts From My Life} New Project: Happy Critter Photography

  1. Brigitte says:

    Hi Ania, your blog should be easy and fun! You sound as if you’re a very creative person and usually creative types have many projects going on at one time. Love the Dexter pic — he definitely looks like a Happy Critter. ;).

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