{Random Facts From My Life} Happy Children’s Day!

Every year on June 1st is Children’s Day in Poland!! I miss it a lot!  It is such a fun Holiday. This Holiday is celebrated not only in Poland . If you want to learn more about it, check out this wikipedia.com page. On that day schools prepare fun activities for kids, such as play time, contests, or trips to cool places. Parents give their little ones fun presies. Oh I miss those days :). Although, I’m almost 30, my parents till now wish me Happy Children’s Day and shower me with small gifts.

I thought I will share some fun pictures from my childhood. I hope you will enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

With my parents and my brother. 🙂

Memory Lane

Since I was a little girl I was crazy about animals!

Like you can see birds, dogs, wild Squirrels….

Memory Lane


Memory Lane

Usmiechnij sie means Smile 🙂

…cows, goats…

Memory Lane

Nothing scares me!

I’m really a happy creature :P. But like every women I have bad days 🙂

Memory Lane

Memory Lane

2 thoughts on “{Random Facts From My Life} Happy Children’s Day!

  1. Hi I just posted the Sunshine Award that you gave me:) Thank you:) You are very thoughtful!

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