{Random Facts From My LIfe} Busy Life

It is so busy week for me. Dog walking, meetings, consultations, 2 weddings coming up this weekend, helping my husband (The Posture Guy) with shooting his videos, and lastly all the other daily things I have to deal with. Days don’t have enough hours. Busy. Busy. Busy! I feel like I neglected my blog this week a bit and I’m really not happy about it.

Oh, and I got a new computer MAC! My life is supposed to get better, well at least the tech aspect of it. I have tons of pictures  on my old computer and an external drive and transferring everything will take me hours. Long hours. I hope it will finally motivate me to come up with a new system to organize my photos and I will be finally able to find what I’m looking for much easier than it is now. Anyone has any suggestions?

I love Garfield and I found this picture little bit irritating today :/ My weekend will pass quickly working on Saturday and Sunday 😦 Well at least I can count on Monday Memorial Day – my day off – I really need it!

Ania Archer, Garfield

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2 thoughts on “{Random Facts From My LIfe} Busy Life

  1. ivanterzic says:

    this reminds me on my girlfriend, she used to say she needs 4 more hours per day 🙂

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