I love San Diego. It is one of the best places to live. Some of the reasons why I wanted to move to San Diego are San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, and Sea World. I’m not visiting these places as often as I would love to though. I love animals, they are such a great subjects for pictures. I want to share this post by Michelle because I want to encourage you to visit places like zoos or animal parks, sanctuaries, etc. in search for amazing pictures. Enjoy!

Just another typical day at the office…or not! A few weeks ago we shot an episode of Sam the Cooking Guy at the SD Safari Park and got to go behind the scenes.  I’ve lived in San Diego my entire life, and always wanted to do a photo safari! It was so fun getting up close and personal with the animals!!


Ps. I’d really like a giraffe for our backyard…can anyone help make this happen??

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  1. Thanks for re-blogging!! I’ve lived in SD my entire life & just love it! Glad you enjoyed the photos!!

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