{Escape to…} Grand Canyon

In 2007  I took the journey of my life (I named it  My American Adventure). I came to the U.S for the summer as a part of a student exchange program. I lived and worked in Minnesota for 3 months. While enjoying my time in the 10000 Lakes Area I planed a one month trip around the country.  One of the stops on my way was the Grand Canyon. That day my travel dream came true. And it was better than I thought it will be.  It was an incredible experience to see one of the greatest natural creations this world has to offer.

Ania Archer, Grand Canyon,

I do love sharing facts about things I’m passionate. Here are some facts about Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado River, which flows west through the canyon and averages about 300 feet width, 100 feet in depth and flows at an average speed of four miles per hour. Took 3-6 million years to form; erosion continues to alter its contours.

Ania Archer, Grand Canyon,

Ania Archer, Grand Canyon,

The Grand Canyon is 18 miles wide. At average the Canyon is 5,000 ft deep. The Grand Canyon is 227 miles long. The Canyon takes up 1,218,376 acres of land. The Canyon is on a tilt the north rim is 1200 ft higher than the south rim. The Grand Canyon below Yavapai point is 2,400 feet above sea level, about 4,500 feet below the South Rim and 5,400 feet below the North Rim for an average depth of about one mile. At the deepest part of the canyon is 6,000 vertical feet. The Grand Canyon is NOT the biggest canyon in the world. Barranca de Cabre in Northern Mexico and Hell’s Canyon in Idaho are deeper.

Ania Archer, Grand Canyon

Ania Archer, Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park is populated by five Indian tribes: The Hopi, Navajo, Havasupai, Paiute and Hualapai. There is a diverse population of life in the canyon, where over 1,500 plant, 355 bird, 89 mammalian, 47 reptile, 9 amphibian, and 17 fish species are found. The canyon offers a nearly undisturbed natural habitat through a range of elevations from desert to mountain forests on the rims. Among all these creatures there are some that need our help to survive. Thes are only a few endangered wildlife species: Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, California Condor, California Brown Pelican, Big Horn Sheep, Humpback Chub, Relict Leopard Frog. Endangered plant species Brady Pincushion Cactus and Sentry Milkvetch.

Ania Archer, Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in Mountain Time Zone and never changes to daylight Savings Time, so much of the year the time is the same as in California.

Ania Archer, Grand Canyon

Ania Archer, Hoover Dam

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