{Art Journal} Sheepy

This blog is a place where I can share my love for photography, nature and color. All the things that make me happy. Unfortunately not that long ago my dad past away and I have a hard time getting through each day with happiness.  I’m trying to find a way to feel better for some time now. I know that art can bring solace. I have already looked for happiness in photography and it definitely makes me feel better and helps me go through life day at a time. Recently I got inspired by Wendy from A Girl and her Brush and decided to start Art Journal Challenge – I’m going to draw, paint, sketch, create and share it with you, here on my blog.

Inspired, I went to art store got myself sketch journal, sketch pads some other art supplies and I started creating. My challenge is to draw/sketch/paint/create at least once a week and on every Monday I will be posting my art.

Ania Archer

Art Journal:  Week 1 – Sheepy

My first sketch is a portrait of my partner in crime Sheepy, which you haven’t had chance to meet yet, but you definitely will since she is traveling with me everywhere and loves being in pictures (well I love her in my pics and she has tons of them already).  Here it is:

Ania Archer, Sheepy

What do you think? It’s not bad for my first sketch. Since I have been sick for last week I’m behind now with sharing my projects. I have 2 more waiting to be published on my blog.

Hello From Sheepy:

Ania Archer, Sheepy

Copyrights: Ania Archer

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