{Color Crazy} Orange

Today I decided to try something a little bit different. I love colors it doesn’t matter what color it is. All of them make me smile and bring happiness in my life. I thought I will share with you some facts about one of my favorite colors. ORANGE!!!

Ania Archer, Orange - color inspiration

Source: Top Right: Song of Orange by Lylianthe, Bottom Left: Birds in the feeder, Right: Orange Cat.

Why I chose this color? Orange is associated with energy, happiness, and benign warmth of sun. It combines stimulation or aggression of red, calmed by cheerfulness of yellow. It is full of vitality. I love this color because it is found in nature in changing seasons between hot summer and cool winter, changing leaves of fall, and is found in the setting sun, citrus fruit. It is the color fall and harvest. All of these just make me happy.

Ania Archer, Orange - Color Inspiration, Sunset

Source: Top: Burning Bush by Teus Renes, Bottom Left: Gulf Coast Sunrise by Cheryl Empy, Bottom Right: Birds, Germany.

Ania Archer, Orange - Color Inspiration, Nature

Source: Top Left: Shades of Orange, Top Right:  Orange Fllower by J Ramon Palacios, Bottom Left: Orange Leaf, Bottom Right (Top): Orange Gerberas, Bottom Right (Bottom): Orange Dahlia.

 Orange represents:

  • Enthusiasm for life – it is uplifting, and rejuvenates your spirit
  • It gives us strength and courage – helps us in hard times, get over disappointments, helps recover from grief
  • Stimulates two way conversation – it gets people thinking and talking. It stimulates appetite as well, it is the perfect color for social get-togethers.
  • It encourages to take action and make changes in your life, adventure and risk taking, inspires confidence.
  • Gives strength and endurance – sparks competition and independence.
  • It frees the spirit – inspires new ideas, giving us the freedom to be ourselves.

Ania Archer, Orange - Color Inspiration

Source: Top Left: Lemonade by Helen Norman, Top Right: Orange Cake, Bottom Left: Orange Slices by Sesselja Maria, Bottom Right: Orange Cocktail.

Ania Archer, Orange - Color Inspiration, Home Decor

Source: Top Left: Orange Vases with Orange Gerbera Daisies, Top Right: Orange Room by Meg Braff, Bottom Left:  Doxie Dachshound Lamp, Bottom Middle: Orange Bunting Water Jar, Bottom Right: Orange Table Setting.

Ania Archer, Orange - Color Inspiration,

Source: Top Left: Orange Building with Blue Window by Haakon Kierulf, Top Right: Orange Sky Line, Bottom Left: Mykonos by John Poon, Bottom Right: Into the Orange by Giampaolo Macarig.

If you want to find out a little more about the color orange check these posts out: The Color OrangeAll About the Color ORANGE via Sensational Color.

One thought on “{Color Crazy} Orange

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    I love these color stories!

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